In the countryside of Japan, where a spring gushes forth from the valley, fireflies dance in early summer, I enjoy handcrafting with rich natural environment.

I love old clothes and cotton.
I make one by one affectionately.
I'm so happy if you get my works.
All of my works are one of a kind.
I usually use Japanese Kimono fabrics and cotton,old Kimono cotton.
I would be happy if you could pick up and feel softness of Japanese cloth.
I make it almost by hand sewing.
★I will present Azuma-bag as our opening gift.★
Waremokou's works

Kimono-cotton bag (patchwork quilt)

Tapestry work-kimono with "aduma bag"

Japanese style pouches with "aduma-bag"

Kitchen goods with "aduma-bag"

Remake bag of sake breweries' apron with "aduma-bag"

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