In Tamatebako handmade, we use obi(belt) of Nishijin brocade, which is traditional Japanese beauty, to make bags one by one by hand.
Since ancient times in Japan we have inherited kimonos from mother to daughter, from daughter to that child carefully.
However, with the modern Western style wearing, most of the Japanese casual clothes became a western style clothes.

I would like to get familiar with young people and overseas people by making valuable brands that have been cherished carefully to modern bags tailored to modern fashion and to know the splendor of traditional Japanese technology I will.
The material of the belt is a fine silk thread. 
Some gold and silver threads are using genuine gold leaf or platinum foil, which can be called "textile jewel".

Since there are no two strips of the same pattern, the same product cannot be made.
Why don't you add one "jewelry-like bag" in your world to your coordination?
Tamatebako's works

Frame clutch bag : Housouge pattern

Party bag : Nishijin brocade, Silver ring clasp

Nishijin-brocade tote bag(A) with bamboo handle

Nishijin-brocade tote bag(B) with bamboo handle

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