I am a Tsumami-zaiku designer,artist who love nature and live with three rabbits with rich characters.

From the lovely back view of them, I named my shop "RABBIT TAIL".
Tdumsmi-zaiku is Japanese traditional craft that was born in the Edo period.

By applying that technique, we make various fun unique accessories.
Taking advantage of our experience at the luxury shop, I am designing accessories while considering coordination with clothes.

Also, when I find a nice material, we also make accessories other than Tsumami-zaiku.
I many colors to choose to have fun.
Come, please find your favorite color accessories.
I hope everyone who has worn RABBIT TAIL accessories will be shine more and be happy · · ♡


Because it sells also in Japan, it becomes production after all orders are received, and it will have a maximum date of about 21 days before shipping.
(Depending on the design of the work, you may get a date of about a month.)

Rabbit tail's works

*tears of baby fairy*earrings

🍁Autumn bloomer Earrings 🍁 Swarovski crystal ver. 🍁

🌺✨special liberty flower for you🌺earings🌺✨

magical floral earings opend up in denim country

Fairys' pretty up earrings👑💎Swarovski crystal ver.

🌺 amiga denim earrings🌺 Swarovski crystals version

🌼🍀balmy floral earings with denim & lace fabric🌼🍀✨

amiga denim earings👑💎 Swarovski crystal 💎pretty up with shiny peal

Fairys' pretty up earrings👑💎Swarovski crystal ver.のコピー

amiga denim earings/solid-color denim version

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