This is a wood carving dorayaki* netsuke* carved with a tree called White Ash. Someone has bitten.
The part of the bean paste is burning trees.
Gently garnished with vegetable oil paint.


These are built-to-order products, so it takes about 7days from order to delivery.


*dorayaki...Japanese baked cake to wrap bean paste. 

*netsuke...Japanese strap



Because each one is hand worked, it may differ slightly from the sample.
Please handle it roughly because it leads to breakage.


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Wood carving Dorayaki "a paw pad impression"

  • Size : 3×3×2 cm / 1.18×1.18×0.79in.


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    If you have received a defective item, please contact us at including the details and picture to proof the defective item.

    If the return is accepted, we will send the address to send back via email.

    Please remind that shipping charges including import taxes must be paid by you.

    We will not refund any shipping charges or import taxes.

    Depending on where you live, the item may take for your exchanged product to reach may vary.


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