This is a custom made product (not real food).
Rainbow-colored bears give you time to relax..

I'm  "Puryun" who produces relaxation space called Pokku cafe.
When we find a rainbow appearing in the sky after the rain, we feel happy and lucky, don't you?
May the rainbow-colored bears make you feel happy.

Please relax by items of Pokku cafe.
It is said that the color has each mean.


Positive meaning is as follows
(In the Pokku cafe series, all colors of the rainbow are aligned in pastel style with emphasis on gentle atmosphere)


■Red · courage, affection, etc.
When you want courage and action power.
(When you want pink…kindness, affection, femininity)

■Orange · Bright, well, fun
When you want to be cheerful and exciting

■Yellow · hope, active, happiness
When you want to brighten up your mood

■Green · peaceful, healthy, peaceful
When I want to calm the mind

■Blue · Integrity, Refresh, Trust
When you want to relieve stress

■Navy · Wisdom, concentration, success
When I want to make cool judgments

■Purple · mystical, intuitive, healing
When you want to raise an artistic sense and intuition


※Because it is handmade, shaping, coloring and so on are different one by one.
You may not be able to meet the same child. 
※Orange and pink look like a similar color in the condition of baking color, but please be forewarned.
※Charms can all be used separately.  
※I make it with the same design, but please acknowledge that there are individual differences somewhat.

※I have two weeks from production to shipping time.
※Please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions.


※Somewhat shading of color, fingerprints, adhesion of small fibers, etc. may be there, but please purchase on your understanding  
※Please be careful so as not to apply excessive force when using it as it may cause damage.
※We cannot assume any responsibility for all accidents and troubles such as accidental swallowing.
※In particular, please be careful when you are using or storing in pets, small children and families of senior.

Key chain : Rainbow cookie bear

  • Size : Cookie size 1.06inches (27mm)

  • ■Return/Exchanges 

    We do not accept any returns or exchanges unless the item you purchased is defective.

    If you have received a defective item, please contact us at including the details and picture to proof the defective item.

    If the return is accepted, we will send the address to send back via email.

    Please remind that shipping charges including import taxes must be paid by you.

    We will not refund any shipping charges or import taxes.

    Depending on where you live, the item may take for your exchanged product to reach may vary.

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