A follower asked me, "I want to see embroidery with a bee motif!" ,so I made this.
Speaking of bees usually you may think of a yellow "honey bee", but I am modeling the Japanese traditional one "Japanese honey bee".
It is characterized by a thick black streak and a small body compared to "honey bee".

Also, since the patterns of wings are slightly different between "honey bee" and "Japanese honey bee".
I embroidered while comparing a lot of materials.
Pollen dumpling attached to a leg of a bee is a charming point.
In Japanese, the way "bee" are pronounced will be "ha-chi", which will be pronounced the same as the numbers eight (ha-chi).
So, I will deliver this work in an octagonal frame.
To decorate casually on the door and the wall of the room, it is just the right size.

In addition, this frame is only for wall hanging. Please note that you can not treat this as a free-stand one.
The cover glass attached to the frame is stored on the back side of the embroidery.
If you want to avoid dust, etc., please use as cover glass.



Embroided wall hanging : Japanese honey bee

  • = Size =
    · Size: length 93 × width 93 × thickness 15 mm

                        (3.66 × 3.66 × 0.59 inches)
    Weight: About 52 g


    = Packaging =
    · We will deliver it in a simplified case attached to the picture frame.


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    If the return is accepted, we will send the address to send back via email.

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