of wire dipart

American Flower (Dip Art) is a handcraft born in the United States as its name suggests.

More than 40 years ago, Japanese people fascinated by beautiful flowers produced from wires and dedicated dip solution were spread in Japan and handed down to Japan by delicate craft with Japanese now.

Because Japanese people are dexterous, they are good at fine works, so traditions that have been inherited from generation to generation"


I have been more than 10 years of experience. Now I have a special store of hair ornaments now and am sending my days of fun production.
By all means, please enjoy a nice hair arrangement with sparkling hair ornaments.

I will ship it as soon as I confirm payment.
Even works sold out will be made soon so we will resell it in a few days.


How to make dipart
Tomoko's works
Jewel Flower 1 : Gold

Jewel Flower 1 : Gold

Jewel Flower 3 : Gold

Jewel Flower 3 : Gold

Jewel Flower 6 : Purple(gold wire)

Jewel Flower 6 : Purple(gold wire)

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