We usually think that Kimono is expensive, too many rules to dress or difficult to be in good repair. Therefore, we offer the Japanese clothing style that you can feel more familiar and close to your life style.

Because wasou gu-fu’s Kimono is made of fabric for dressmaking, it is easy to wear as Yukata. You can wear over Nagajuban (a long underwear for Kimono), over your T-shirt, or directly to the skin.

 Our kimono is very casual, it matches Hanhaba-obi(half-width waistband) or Heko obi(non-dress belt) more than expensive obi(kimono belt).

All you need to prepare is two strings for kimono-wearing, Datejime(a type of obi), Obiita(a thin board inserted beneath women’s obi) and Hanhaba-obi. You can try wearing Kimono easily by yourself as Yukata.

Also, one of our Kimono’s good points is washable. You don’t need to take the Kimono to the laundry service. You can wash it at your home even if you sweat a lot or get dirty.

Usually wearing Kimono makes you feel uncomfortable and you can’t really go anywhere far.  On the other hand, wasou gu-fu’s concept is “You can do whatever you want and go wherever you want in Kimono.”

For those who want to wear Kimono a lot everyday
For those who want to try Kimono from now on
For casual parties or events

....How is our good one?
Wasou is ...to wear wafuku (Japanese traditional clothing).
Ready-made one :  We will send it within 3 days when payment  s received and confirmed. 
Order-made one : Tailoring usually take 20 ~30 days. We make arrangements for it to be sent you as it becomes available.
gu-fu's works

Casual Kimono☆Denim

Casual Kimono☆Murasaki

Casual Kimono☆furill & see-through fabric

Casual Kimono☆Taisho romanticism

Casual Kimono☆floral pattern Komon*

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