I wish I had that ♪
I'm happy if I got it
I wonder if you will be delighted with gifts ♡ ♡ ♡

 --- I am making works with such feelings.

I want to treasure every meeting and encounter I have.♡

I try to make polite works one by one

We will deliver a work that spreads a lot of smiles ☺ ︎

My work is completely custom made.

As much as possible we will make it so that we can meet the customer's wishes, so please feel free to contact us for finished images etc. (* ˙ ▾ ˙ *) ஐ
Although I have posted only in Japanese, I am introducing some of the pretty pieces I requested in Instagram. Please have a look

(In case I will post a picture of the work to Instagram after shipment.If you don't want that,please tell me.)

The Craftwork's works

Cushion : Crazy for my companion (regular)

Cushion : Crazy for my companion (large size)

Charm : Crazy for my companion

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