Tsumami zaiku

We are producing traditional Kanzashi of flowers and accessories for original designs with traditional crafts "Tsumami-zaiku" in Japan.
Especially the crest series with motif of family crest is the original item of this shop.
As all one point, we produce it handmade one by one with great care.

※Follow the Instagram and if you order the Instagram ID at the time of ordering, I will give you a small gift as a bonus!

■What is "Tsumami-zaiku"?

Firstly,patchwork representing a flower is prepared by folding and pasting on small pieces of cloth with tweezers. 

■Kanzashi is......

Japanese style hair accessory.

In the Japanese language 'kanzashi' was derived from 'kamisashi'(hair insert) and its origin is believed to be flowering plants by which people of ancient times decorated their heads when they invited the deities.

Aogiku's works

Seasonal flower Kanzashi "Ayagiku"

Flower comb of Tsumami-zaiku"Blue flower bouquet" set

Flower comb of Tsumami-zaiku"Tricolor"

An ornamental hairpin of family crest"One Fujidomoe"

Seasonal flower Kanzashi "Paeoniae radix"

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